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REV One Dental is the only DSO with a national footprint boasting a majority ownership from its founding dentists. Our patient and doctor-centric platform provide a seamless transition from sole proprietorship.
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Our Purpose

We founded REV One on the basis of beginning with the end in mind: we get to know the individual dentists we work with and their vision for total freedom in their career, the finances, and their lifestyle so we can tailor a plan to their needs.

We noticed most DSOs structure their deals in favor of those purchasing the practices rather than keeping the needs of the Dentists front and center. The focus on profits over people meant Dentists were being offered cumbersome deals with little financial gain.

Our goal is to help the dentists know how they can create an exit strategy that allows them to retire on their terms, have enough to live on, and create REAL lifestyle freedom.

And that’s what we’ve done.

Our community is growing daily as more Dentists have their eyes opened to the possibilities available.
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The REV One Difference

REV One is your gateway to total clinical, financial, and lifestyle freedom:
  • Clinical

    Chart your own course—do the procedures you want and earn Continuing Education credits to develop your skills.
  • Financial

    Whether you’re ready to sell your practice or build your career, working with REV One means unbeatable financial returns in cash and HoldCo stock.
  • Lifestyle

    Create the transition plan that works for you to phase out of clinical dentistry on your own terms.
Join us to get the most out of your career in dentistry.

Selling Your Practice

  • We get to know you.

    Before someone gets to work with us at REV One, we go through a process of understanding who you are, why you’re in this field, and what your goals are. It’s an in depth intake process that allows us to discover more than just how much profit you have.
  • We work with you.

    Whether or not you join our DSO, we help you install systems to help you increase the valuation of your practice. Nearly 50% of the practices that come to us aren’t ready for a sale to a DSO. It’s our aim to get you ready for a sale whether or not you sell with us.
  • We are the DSO for Dentist-Entrepreneurs

    Most DSOs treat transitions as the end of a career. They simply will not tolerate anyone pursuing any other opportunities while being a member of their DSO. At REV One, we treat the sale of a practice as the start of the next phase of the career. We create the framework for the entrepreneurial practice of your career to begin so you can pursue any opportunity that fits your goals, whether with us or elsewhere.

10 Reasons to Join REV One Dental Partners

  1. Total clinical autonomy
  2. Access to our experienced business experts
  3. Above average valuations for their practices
  4. Hiring & HR support so you can focus on the clinical work you enjoy
  5. Multiple transition options so you can design your ideal future
  6. Ownership at the highest level and HoldCo stock
  7. Customized deals structured with your unique goals in mind so you can get the cash and stock options you deserve
  8. The freedom to begin a 2nd, more financially and emotionally rewarding chapter of your career
  9. Group discounts
  10. Guaranteed employment of all existing staff for the sake of continuity
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